Dear Students and Families,


Welcome back to school!


Congratulations on the beginning of a new and exciting school year at the Palm Bay SDA Elementary School! We celebrate the opportunity to learn, play and pray together. 


One of our goals is to lead our students to a delight in the discovery of the world in which they live.  Sometimes we understand that world through numbers and equations.  Other times it requires a melody, a simile or a metaphor.  Logic is always a welcome aide.  Science and technology each reveal truths about our world and all stand underneath the great revelation of God in Jesus Christ, who reveals the fullness of what it means to be human.  

We would encourage all of you to take up the task of reading, this year:  reading alone; reading as a family; reading in groups; and spending some time sharing with each other what you have come to discover.

May this new year of learning be a time of grace and joy in the wonder and beauty of this good earth in which we live! 


We will pray for you as you re-establish your good study habits, a commitment to complete your schoolwork and to working together with your teachers. As you begin each day, remember us in your prayers and we promise to remember you in ours.


 God bless you and God bless our school community!


 Sincerely yours,

Wintley Phipps  ~ Pastor